Cellulose fiber insulation is the insulation for those houses, where live "thinking green" people. "Thinking green" people worries about environment and health of their family is most important issue.

Luckily, thinking becomes greener and greener every minute  people use organic farming products, eco materials in housekeeping, etc. Thinking green is modern way of life. Cellulose fiber insulation is bright example of natural and modern insulation material.
Eco-wool fiber is made from cellulose fiber or pulp (newsprint), for fire protection it is soaked with borax, but for resistance to pests it has boric acid and boron compounds.


Technical characteristics


Thermal conductivity

0.037 0.041 W/mK

Air transmission

80... 120 x 10 m3/ms

(30.6... 40.0 kg/m3)

Fire protection group

B1 (DIN 4102)

Natural moisture

Maks. 12% no sausa materi?la svara


7.8 8.3

The recommended density

- aug?jos p?rsegumos 28 40 kg/m3

- sien?s 38 65 kg/m3

- sl?paj?s sien?s 38 65 kg/m3


- 81% makulat?ras

- 12% antipir?na borsk?bes

- 7% antisepti?a boraka

 Siltums J?su m?jok?a komfortam
un zem?ki apkures r??ini